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Mark D "WestSide" Burns - Founder, CEO & CMO (Chief Music Officer)

WestSide has carried a music list in his pocket since his pre-teen years. Picking up his first turntable in 1967 back in the days of 45's, WestSide's rich mucical history is brought to you every week live, and 24x7 right here on KMDB Texas. 


WestSide kicked off his radio career as a Pilot on JDX1029 The MotherShip of Rock Radio. Since The Ship crashed WestSide does a live show right here on KMDB on Thursdays. Kicking off at 6:30 PM and running until roughly 9 PM or thereabouts, If you have something you want to hear, post it on the KMDB Facebook page and WestSide will do his best to get it in the queue for you!   


Peace, Love & Rock and Roll!





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